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Today’s Color Trends in Residential Interior Painting

If you’re looking for a great way to bring “right now” into your home – without making the space look dated a few years from now – paint trends are a great way to do exactly that. Today’s trending colors look of-the-minute but are specifically chosen to give your home a timeless look. Here are a few of this year’s trendiest colors for residential interior spaces:


All-Weather Neutrals

Colors like brown, green, and blue can be great neutral colors for a standard or larger room – but in their purest forms, they can also be somewhat harsh and overbearing in these spaces. That’s why today’s trends veer slightly off center from traditional neutrals, offering shades like sage, cornflower, and chestnut for living rooms, dining areas, and even bedrooms. Anywhere that you desire a calm, tranquil vibe and easy decorating, these colors are your best choice.

Bold Brights

Just because a color is splashed across your walls doesn’t mean it has to be a calm, quiet, or neutral. Kitchens, dining areas, and even bathrooms are great places to try out a bold shade of crimson red, ocean blue, or feisty orange.
According to residential interior painting contractors in Oklahoma City, the trick to pulling off these colors is to pair them with pale, neutral flooring, furnishings, and décor for balance. Just be sure to keep these energetic shades in rooms where you want your family to be at full attention – bedrooms are best served by cooler colors!

A Rainbow of Neutrals

Yes, you heard that right. You can really bring the many colors of the spectrum into your neutral palette if you know how to do it. Consider this: a soft, muted pink, peach, or yellow serves as a beautiful, neutral backdrop for a kitchen, bathroom, or almost any space in your home. Just because you need a neutral shade doesn’t mean you have to go with an earth tone. Choose soft versions of rainbow-inspired hues to get the look you need – with the modern feel you want!

Floor-to-Ceiling Shades

Have you ever loved a shade so much you wish you could paint every available surface with it? Well, with the modern trend toward all-over color, you might just want to. Choose a true neutral, like a beige, eggshell, soft grey, or white to paint from the floor to the ceiling – and include the space overhead. Paint baseboards, runners, fireplaces, and bookshelves all in the same hue, and get a cohesive, coordinated look you’ll love.

Want to put these trendy colors to work on your walls? Contact Assurance Painting, your local Residential Interior Painting Service in Oklahoma City to get the professional-looking results you want with your home’s new paint job. Give us a call to find out how these trends will look in your home – and get a price quote you won’t beat anywhere else!

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