Commercial Exterior Painting

Why Should You Let Assurance Handle Your Commercial Exterior Painting?

As a business owner, you no doubt try to save your company money at every opportunity. However, there are some areas where investment doesn’t just pay off, it’s a real necessity. When it comes to renovation or restoration of your property, you can’t afford to do things yourself. Why? Just look at all of the great reasons to hire a commercial painting contractor in Oklahoma City – and think about how much time and hassle you could be saving by doing it.


Quality of Work

Painting is an art form. Most people acknowledge this when it comes to the kind of painting that results in framed art hung on walls and in galleries but aren’t as likely to do so when it comes to painting the walls of their own business or home. That’s the kind of mistake that leads to people trying to cover major mistakes in their exterior paint job, simply because they refused to see that the job was one that was worth their full attention.

At Assurance Painting, we employ trained painting professionals, who bring their artistry to the interior and exterior surfaces of your location. As one of the leading commercial exterior painting companies in Oklahoma City, we offer the kind of quality workmanship that you’ll be proud to display at your home, business, or any other space. Not only is our finished work beautiful, but it will give your commercial property the kind of polished, professional look that brings people back, time and time again.

Keeping Everyone Safe and Your Liability to a Minimum!

One of the worst parts of trying to have an employee or group of staff members handle a renovation or beautification task at your commercial property is handling the situation if someone gets injured. Who is at fault? How will the work get finished, or the medical bills be paid for? Will you face legal action? It’s enough to have most business owners calling a commercial exterior house painting service in Oklahoma City on the spot!

At Assurance Painting, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded – meaning that when we show up to work for you, you can count on us to get the work done and do the job safely. We carry both worker’s compensation and liability insurance on our tools and team members, so you never have to worry about anything but choosing great paint colors and marveling at the finished results.

Give us a call today for a price quote and see how much easier life is when you leave the painting to the pros!

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